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Apple Store opening this Saturday in Manhasset, NY


The population of Apple Stores in the state of New York will grow by one this Saturday, October 17th. Apple is opening the new Manhasset location on Long Island, about 15 miles east of LaGuardia International Airport.

This will be Apple's 14th store in the Empire State, and will have all of the typical features found at the stores -- the Genius Bar, T-shirted employees, an iPhone Activation Zone, and tables full of your favorite Apple toys. Of course, you can always hang out at the store for the free Wi-Fi and genial atmosphere; we're all expecting our very own David Winograd to be a constant fixture at the store.

We always love to see photos or video from Apple Store openings, so if you're there on Saturday at 10 AM ET and happen to get us some good shots, be sure to upload your work of art to

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