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Demonstrated: Controlling facial expressions in-game with camera

There are two things we can say about Torben Sko. First: He's probably never had a problem getting 'torbensko' usernames. We'd like to applaud his forward-thinking parents who clearly saw the benefit of a unique name in the distant, internet-enabled future. Second: Sko's technology demos (remember this head-tracking demo?) have helped us conceptualize what a Natal-enabled future will be like, more so than jury-rigged versions of Burnout Paradise or Katamari Damacy.

In his latest video (found after the break), Sko demonstrates how to control the facial expressions of a virtual character using nothing but a plain ol' web cam (oh, and the same FaceAPI software he used for his first demo). Much like Hideo Kojima's visions of a Natal-enabled future, Sko's never involve replacing the controller (or keyboard and mouse) but rather supplementing it with, in this case, your face. No word on support for particularly ugly faces, but we suspect Microsoft's got its best and most beautiful people on it.

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