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Tim Schafer dishes out Brutal Legend strategies (not in real time)


Look, if you're going to listen to anyone's advice on how to play Brütal Legend's Stage Battle mode online, it should probably be the dude who opened the Necronomicon and uttered those magical words that summoned the disc from the depths of hell, right? Designer Tim Schafer has posted a fairly comprehensive set of tips for the game's strategic battles on the Double Fine blog, hoping to alleviate the frustrations of those still getting the hang of commanding the armies of rock.

It feels a little defensive -- and is keen to point out how leaping into the action with Eddie Riggs sets the game apart from a traditional real-time strategy title -- but it might just help smooth out some of the rock opus' rockier segments. And hey, isn't it nice of a developer to offer a helping hand? We asked the Demon's Souls designers for advice and they sent over a wrestler to break our spines.

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