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Two Bosses Enter: General Bjarngrim vs. Skadi the Ruthless


Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in's series of fantasy death matches. Welcome to Round Two of the five-man Wrath of the Lich King season. Grab a seat, and let's get ready to rumble!

Before we begin setting up this week's Two Bosses battle, let's dispense with the inevitable. Click this link into the Way-Back Machine, crank up the estimable Mr. Murphy and get your party on.

There. All done? Now let's get down to business, because the stakes are high in today's Thunderdome deathmatch as General Bjarngrim (Halls of Lightning) meets Skadi the Ruthless. The general commanded an impressive 66% of the vote in his first-bracket battle against Sjonnir the Ironshaper. He'll need the authority this week. His new opponent, Skadi, carved out an even larger first-round victory with his 82% thrashing of Dalronn and Skarvald.

Time for a quick review of the standard Two Bosses Thunderdome ground rules:
  • Assume that the opponents along with their minions share similar levels, health pools and comparative overall damage output.
  • This deathmatch takes place in Skadi's territory (or a Thunderdome facsimile thereof), which shall in no way hinder General Bjarngrim from using his usual resources.
  • All the usual minions will be available to each boss.
  • Don't get caught up in gameplay mechanics and what actual players might do in each encounter.
  • Don't neglect style, story and scale.
And now, more audio love to set the gladiatorial mood: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls ... Dyin' time's here.

General Bjarngrim (Halls of Lightning)
I am the greatest of my father's sons! Your end has come!

General Bjarngrim, the commander of the Unyielding Garrison, patrols the platforms of the first room in the Halls of Lightning. He is accompanied by two Stormforged Lieutenants. The General has the abilities of a Warrior, changing stances and deploying different abilities every 20 seconds or so. His Temporary Electrical Charge increases his damage by 30 percent and poses a nasty threat to unwary enemies -- and yes, we're going to allow this effect to persist as long as his lieutenants are still alive.

Stormforged Lieutenant
Read more about fighting General Bjarngrim and check out tips from players who've fought him.

Skadi the Ruthless (Utgarde Pinnacle)
What mongrels dare intrude here? Look alive, my brothers! A feast for the one that brings me their heads!

Skadi the Ruthless is an Undead Frost Vrykul who resides in Utgarde Pinnacle. He is named after the northern goddess of winter and the hunt in Norse mythology.

Upon engaging in battle, Skadi flies up above the terrace on his Protodrake, to strafe foes below as they push through waves of his Frost Vrykul. Opponents pick up harpoons to shoot the drake, eventually killing it and forcing Skadi to the ground and into hand-to-hand battle.
Read more about Skadi the Ruthless's battle tactics, and review comments from players who've faced him.

The smackdown
Two Boss matchups are about substance and style, not strict game play and mechanics. While the encounter will take place in Utgarde Pinnacle (or a Thunderdome setup that functions identically, for all practical purposes), this shall not in any way hinder the general from bringing along his lieutenants or possessing a Temporary Electrical Charge while they are still alive.

Don't get swept up into thinking about how players would react -- there are no players in the Thunderdome. No game-mechanic nitpicking! Vote for the spirit of the battle as set forth above. Set aside differences in opponents' health pools, game level and actual damage output.

Who wins, and why? We'll see you down below in the comments. Can you come up with a convincing scenario that will sway other readers to your point of view?


Who rocks Wrath's five-man world? We're winding up the second bracket in the five-man Wrath of the Lich King season.

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