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Uncharted 2 sells well in Japan despite unsightly handicap

After Uncharted the First hit Japan with the force of a thousand baby chicken feathers, we didn't think the game's sequel would have much of an impact in the region. It seems we were mistaken -- according to a gaming retailer blog called Sinobi, Uncharted 2 sold 47,000 units in its first day at retail in Japan. Sure, it's not the biggest launch ever, but it's a huge improvement over the original Uncharted's first-day sales of 7,300 units.

Of course, the original Uncharted didn't have the massive install base and Sony marketing support that Naughty Dog's latest endeavor has -- nor did it possess the simply stunning box art seen above. Seriously, Japanese Uncharted 2 box art, we're gonna need that breath back. You know, that breath that you took away.

[Via Andriasang; image credit]

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