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Z Corporation's ZPrinter 350 will create a 3D object of any color you want, so long as it is white

Tim Stevens

We're not quite to the point where everybody has a 3D printer sitting on their desktop, spewing out conceptual widgets and free energy devices, but by golly if we aren't getting close. The ZPrinter 350 from Z Corporation is the latest, a (relatively) compact machine that uses easy snap-in cartridges of material and automatically recycles any waste created during production. It sports a 300 x 450 dpi resolution, can create objects that are up to 8 x 10 x 8-inches, and while its printing speed doesn't exactly seem blazing (just .8-inch per hour vertically), that's apparently the fastest on the market. All that for only $25,900! We can't wait to see what Steorn will create with theirs.

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