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Sakaguchi: unannounced Mistwalker project in 'finishing stage'


In late April, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi mentioned on his blog that he was working on a new project, while showing off the totally sweet Lego truck he made in his spare time. Now he's got an update on this mysterious game -- and an update on his Lego modeling.

In the latest blog post, Sakaguchi said, "I am working hard on a new project. Now we are being rushed into the 'finishing' stage. No matter what, I will make it really good...." And judging by the tiny surfing Sakaguchi analog seen above, it appears that as the work picks up on this project, the Lego complexity drops. He's really busy.

And we still don't know what he's busy on! The last Blue Dragon game came out on October 8, so this is something else entirely. We should find out soon ... since it's almost finished, we guess.

[Via RPGSite]

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