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Sensaris debuts six-axis MoveIt Bluetooth motion sensor


Sensaris isn't exactly doing itself any favors with its FCC-style photography, but the company's new MoveIt Bluetooth motion sensor does look to be a fairly interesting little device, even if it's not quite as convenient as an accelerometer built into your phone. Of course, you do also get quite a few more features for that added bulk, including a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope, GPS, and dedicated microSD card slot -- not to mention some built-in Bluetooth to let you use it with a variety of phones and other devices. What's more, while the device isn't commercially available just yet, Sensaris does seem to see plenty of potential for different applications, and it's even touting some "Lego-like modularity" that promises to let it be tailored for specific uses -- including everything from exercise to augmented reality.

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