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Trademark: PopCap going off the rails on a 'Yetitrain'

PopCap, we're afraid we've got an unpleasant task for you. At your earliest convenience, we're going to need you to draft letters of apology to everyone who's come within 50 yards of us within the last 15 minutes. See, a little while ago, supererogatory turned our attention to a trademark you just filed, reserving the name Yetitrain for use in a game. Our eyes saw the word, and our brain immediately told us the correct course of action: As loudly as possible, we would need to sing Ozzy Ozbourne's "Crazy Train," and we'd need to swap in the appropriate cryptozoological word.

Though we've aroused general concern from our neighbors and landlords, we can't seem to stop. This word -- Yetitrain -- is too powerful not to sing boisterously. We're sending you an email to request these apologetic correspondences, and to see if you'll tell us exactly what a Yetitrain is, and then to find out where we purchase our ticket to ride it forever.

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