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Winterbottom devs think you're tired of 80-hour games

Justin McElroy

As we get older, we find we'd typically prefer a great 10-hour game to a pretty good 20-hour game. The Odd Gentlemen – the devs behind upcoming XBLA puzzle-platformer The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom – have realized that as well and it's part of the reason they think indie devs are focusing on smaller, more easily consumable experiences.

As studio co-founder Matt Korba told Gamasutra, "People are tired of 80-hour games ... so, I think the other thing about these indie experiences and these vignettes is you get something that's really good and really satisfying in a short amount of time."

Even if the game length discussion isn't particularly interesting to you, the full interview is worth a read if you're curious at all about the indie perspective.

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