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Atomic turns to Wii FPS port, not giving up on Fallujah

Justin McElroy

You'd be forgiven for taking Atomic Games' announcement of a Wii FPS as the final nail in the coffin for semi-documentary game Six Days in Fallujah. Atomic says that, even though it's releasing a ported and renamed version of 2005's Close Combat: First to Fight for Wii (through publisher Destineer), it's not giving up on its original project, which was axed by Konami in April.

The news that Marines: Modern Urban Combat -- huh, what do you mean that subtitle sounds familiar? -- will arrive November 10 comes after rumors that layoffs had all but shuttered the studio. Though Atomic's on to other projects, Gamasutra reports that the developer's president, Peter Tamte, still insists it "remains committed" to Fallujah.

We're happy to see that Atomic's still plugging along, but if you're expecting to see Six Days in Fallujah anytime soon ... well, just don't.

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