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Cho Aniki Zero making PSP more manly in Spring 2010

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Our somewhat boring day took a turn for the legendary when we received an Aksys press release informing us that the beefcake-infused side-scrolling shooter, Cho Aniki Zero, would appear on the PSP as a PSN download (exclusively) next Spring. The legendary-ness arose not as a result of our excitement for the game (which is immeasurable in its own right), but due to the content of the press release itself. The entire release can be found after the jump, but we've culled our favorite phrases, forming the following poignant, beautiful found poem:

Exaltation. Oiled up and ready to thrust. Epic struggle. Muscle-bounded forces. Manliness. Another dimension of sights and sounds. Heightened experiences of rhythmic action. Man-rageous. Brotherly love. Muscle-on-muscle madness. Man-tastic voyage. Man Protein. The greatest bromances of all time. (Snaps.)

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Behold! Drink Your Protein Shake And Witness The Birth Of The Manliest Shooter EVER!

Torrance, CA (October 13th, 2009) – Aksys Games, a publisher of interactive entertainment products, proudly brings you this announcement, in exaltation of all that is manly: in spring 2010, Cho Aniki Zero will be oiled up and ready to thrust its way onto your PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system! Sold exclusively as a digital download through the PlayStation®Store, Cho Aniki Zero gives players the chance to take part in an epic struggle alongside heroes Idaten and Benten as they blast through the muscle-bounded forces of Emperor Balzac II.

Cho Aniki Zero brings manliness back to the old-school shoot-em-up genre and, warps it to another dimension of sights and sounds. In Cho Aniki Zero, players will be introduced to brand-new characters and newly heightened experiences of rhythmic action, intertwined with the famous BGM of Kouji Hayama. Battle through five man-rageous levels of brotherly love and muscle-on-muscle madness!

The Story So Far...

Since the death of Balzac, the Builder Planet has celebrated a long period of peace.

However, as time goes by, protein becomes scarce, and protein deficiency is soon a serious problem for the Builder Planet. As people struggle for control over what protein is left, Balzac II begins his subtle rise to power...

Learning of his return, Idaten and Benten take up arms and begin their man-tastic voyage...

"Cho Aniki Zero is a real trip," said Frank "Bo" deWindt II, Associate Producer, Aksys Games. "It's wacky, hilarious, and just plain fun. Be it the crazy characters, the challenging gameplay, or even the out-of-this-world enemies, you'll find yourself chugging down protein shakes between levels before you know it!"

Key Features:

Choose between Idaten and Benten, then select your "Option" (sidekick) such as Samson, Adon, or Micha & El. Defeat Emperor Balzac before he claims the universe's protein for himself!

Too much man-action on the screen? Collect enough Man Protein to unleash the devastating attack of the Men's Beam!

Blaze through five man-mazing levels of love, and bear witness to the birth and rebirth of some of the greatest bromances of all time!

Cho Aniki Zero offers multiple paths that leads to various endings for our muscle-bound heroes!

Cho Aniki Zero has not yet been rated by the ESRB. More information about Aksys Games and Cho Aniki Zero can be found at

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