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Dedicated Android partner SciPhone brings N19, N21 to market

Chris Ziegler

You've got to give these guys credit -- SciPhone has been creating bizarre Android-powered devices of both the KIRF and original-design variety basically since day one of the platform's existence, and two of its latest and greatest models are now available for purchase. Actually, attributing these two to SciPhone specifically is a bit unfair; the N19 appears to be a rebrand of that awesome Broncho A1 Storm KIRF we saw not long ago (shouldn't they be copying the Storm2 now?) while the N21 looks like a dead ringer for the General Mobile DSTL1, right down to the 5 megapixel cam and dual SIM slots. We'd say "we'll pass" without a second thought, but at $150 and $235, respectively, it gives you... well, at least a solid two seconds of pause, doesn't it?

[Via Cloned In China]

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