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First MoCA 1.1 cable set-top-box gets certified

Ben Drawbaugh

If you loved using the existing coax in your home to network your devices together at 110Mbps, then you'll love MoCA 1.1 even more -- testing has shown it can reach speeds of 175Mbps and up the number of participate devices to 16. The real challenge with MoCA right now though is that there aren't many devices out there that support it and those that do cost a pretty penny -- well worth it if you can't run CAT5 cables though. Advanced Digital Broadcast, and Entropic made a little progress today however by getting the first MoCA 1.1 set-top-box certified, which we're hoping is just the first of many devices to jump on the MoCA bandwagon. Because as cool as it sounds to have an Ethernet jack on the back of your HDTV or game console, it doesn't do most any good because there's only a coax cable running to their equipment.

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