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Rumor: Capcom adapting next-gen MT Framework for Wii


We're marking this as a rumor due to the third-hand nature of it: Andriasang summarized an article on Inside-Games about a Nikkei Industrial article (phew), which states that Capcom is working on bringing an engine designed for PS3 and Xbox 360 to Wii, to save time and money. This is likely the MT Framework that drives the majority of Capcom's works including the Lost Planet series and Resident Evil 5.

Nikkei reports that simultaneous development of games across the platforms could cut 1/5 off of Capcom's development costs, and 1/3 off development time. The inclusion of those stats makes it seem like Capcom is eyeing simultaneous development of 360, PS3, and Wii games rather than Wii ports. That approach should end in better results than the "hand the game to TOSE and forget about it" approach.

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