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Fairytale Fights DLC free for first 90 days with online registration


Playlogic Entertainment's Fairytale Fights may have just been released today in North America, but the game's developer is wasting no time at all in kinda, sorta announcing the first downloadable content. We say "kinda, sorta" because the promised four "new playable characters" and three "new PvP arenas" aren't detailed whatsoever in the press release. Instead, Playlogic opted to announce the DLC with the promise that those who sign up on the Fairytale Fights website will receive a code giving them free access to the digitally-distributed content.

The various content is alleged to be "valued at over $15," so it would serve you wisely to snag your free code if you have any interest whatsoever in picking up a copy of the game. Hell, even if you're renting, free is free, right? And hey, at least "part of" the DLC will be exclusive to those who register online. Seems like a no-brainer to us.

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