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First DJ Hero DLC mix pack today; David Guetta pack dated Nov. 24

Activision and FreeStyleGames aren't wasting any time in expanding DJ Hero's already fairly expansive 93-mix-long track list. The "Extended Mix Pack 01" DLC will be added to the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store today and includes the following two mixes for 480 and $5.99, respectively (and not sold separately):
  • "All Of Me" by 50 Cent featuring Mary J. Blige vs. "Radio Ga Ga" by Queen
  • "DARE" by Gorillaz vs. "Can't Truss It" Performed by Public Enemy
In a recent interview with IGN, FreeStyleGames' Chris Lee explained that the $3-per-track price can be attributed to the extra work and licensing required to synthesize the two songs in each mix. The Extended Mix mash-ups will be making their way to Wii sometime in late November -- around the same time the game's second DLC bundle, the "David Guetta Mix Pack," is scheduled for release on PSN and XBLM. That pack, which is slated for November 24, incorporates three of Guetta's songs: "When Love Takes Over," "On The Dance Floor," and "Sexy Bitch," which was presumably written about us. Rawr.

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