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Square Enix files U.S. trademark for Fantasy Earth Zero

You could be forgiven for never hearing about Fantasy Earth Zero -- in addition to having a cookie cutter RPG moniker (following the role-playing trope/noun/number formula), it's only available in Japan, though China and Taiwan are currently in a prolonged beta testing period. However, if a recent Square Enix trademark filing is any indication, the free-to-play, microtransaction-supported MMO will be heading stateside at some point in the future.

The trademark filing was expectedly scant on details about the game, so we suggest watching the three-year-old debut trailer we've posted after the jump. It, too, doesn't provide many hard-and-fast facts about the MMO but after watching it, we feel like we can safely vouch that, yes, the game does include Fantasy. Possibly in an Earth-like setting.

[Via Superannuation]

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