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Scott Jennings MMO interview prep

Brooke Pilley

It looks like Scott "Lum the Mad" Jennings started up a new column over at granting players a rare peek behind the MMO industry curtain. His first article covers some of the things you can expect to be confronted with if you are ever lucky enough to land a game designer interview with an MMO studio. Given the competitive job market out there, these insights should not be taken lightly, even though they are just one man's opinion. But what a man!

No, we're not talking about his wild charisma and manly beard. Okay, that too, but Lum has been around the MMO block in various roles from programmer to lead designer. Put simply, his advice is valuable. The biggest point he made that stuck out to us was the suggestion to have opinions and back them up. "[A]s a designer you are being paid, in large part, to have opinions. Your job will be to analyze parts of the game and determine whether it will work, how it can be broken, and whether or not it will be fun."

So, whether you're an aspiring game designer or simply interested in boosting your interview skills in general (not a bad idea in these trying times), we recommend you take a gander at Lum's new column.

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