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CCP's Ryan Dancey on keeping EVE Online compelling

James Egan

CCP Games Chief Marketing Officer Ryan S. Dancey recently spoke with Gamasutra's Christian Nutt about the state of EVE Online and what makes the sci-fi title unique. EVE has traits that many MMOs don't, such as player governance, a dynamic virtual economy, and slow but continual subscription growth. CCP does face problems in tandem with that growth however, namely from RMT operations. There is also the issue of balancing developer control over aspects of the game's economy (mission rewards, salvage and loot drops, ISK sinks) with the ideal of allowing EVE's economy to be as player-driven as possible, explains Dancey.

Among other things discussed in the interview, Gamasutra asks how White Wolf has changed following the merger with CCP Games nearly three years ago. Dancey tells Gamasutra: "It's just an imprint... White Wolf used to have a fairly large staff. It doesn't anymore. It's focusing primarily on the World of Darkness RPG products. It's not doing some of the things it used to do; board games and other card games and things. The focus of the company [CCP] is on making MMOs and our legacy table top business is a legacy business."

The interview also touches on CCP's aim to grow to 340,000 EVE subscribers by the end of 2009 and the importance of keeping the game interesting for those who've been playing for years while compelling enough to draw in new players. Have a look at Gamasutra's "Q&A: CCP On Keeping EVE Online Fresh and Growing" for CMO Ryan Dancey's perspective on the company and the game itself.

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