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Madden 10 has shipped 3.9 million copies


EA may be hurting, but there are still some bright spots, like when it announced Madden NFL 10's sales figures during its quarterly conference call with investors. The publisher revealed that the company "sold" 3.9 million copies globally, which isn't entirely accurate, as we've learned those are "sell-in" figures -- a fancy way of saying "shipped."

EA's John Schappert stated that Madden had a rough start in August, with sales down 19 percent from the prior year, but that it rallied up eight percent year-over-year in September, thanks to the PS3 price drop. The company claims that Madden 10 has sold five percent more than last year's iteration on PS3 and Xbox 360 combined, as of the end of September. Not shabby for a down economy!

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