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The aesthetics of Black Prophecy's Genide faction

James Egan

We had some good news about Black Prophecy the other day and how things are looking up for the game's developer Reakktor Media. We're hoping more info will be revealed about the game in the coming months, and now they've released a dev blog on the art direction of the game's Genide faction. Whereas the Tyi faction is a cybernetic offshoot of humanity the Genides embrace biogenetic manipulation in their pursuit of perfection. The aesthetics of what the Genides have become is the focus of Black Prophecy Art Director Nick Ebenhoch's dev diary.

Nick kicks it off by explaining the significance of the Genide faction logo and what the symbol was designed to represent. Unlike the more utilitarian Tyi faction which favors a modular complexity, the Genide's cleaner, minimalist aesthetic sense permeates everything they create. This is seen in the smooth and tall look of their various space ships, which have vertical wing orientation rather than the standard horizontal orientation typically seen on such vessels, explains Nick.

The Genide cockpit interior views feature holographic displays and other luminous details that differentiate their space craft from the look of cockpits on human ships. Also interesting is the Genide take on capital ships. Nick writes, "Though the Genide ships are modularly only extendable upwards, it is possible to link two ships sidewise with massive connectors to make one single big ship."

If you're following along with the development of Black Prophecy, head on over to the game's official site to read the final art direction developer diary from Nick Ebenhoch and see a few screenshots of the Genide faction.

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