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Subscribe to Age of Conan and receive The Secret World beta access

Brooke Pilley

Funcom recently announced their plans to get older players back into Age of Conan and boost multi-month subscription rates. Players with inactive subscriptions are invited to retry the game for two weeks and receive a double experience bonus. Those who sign up for multi-month subscriptions will receive these additional bonuses:

  • 3-month sub: Beta access to The Secret World
  • 6-month sub: Beta access + in-game helmet that boosts experience gain by 10%
  • 12-month sub: Beta access + helmet + a free copy of Conan expansion Rise of the Godslayer
Age of Conan has received many updates in the year and a half since its release. However, MMO players can be an unforgiving bunch, so these incentives to give the game another shot are quite necessary. And it's extra-smart given all the excitement around The Secret World. Considering how many players would be willing to pay for beta access, a subscription to a vastly improved AoC is just icing on the cake.

For those interested in catching up on AoC, check out the most recent game director's letter, new content, and revised subscription options. Have a burning question for Funcom about this or anything else? Ask it here.

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