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Patch 3.3 PTR: Lich King audio files mined from latest build

Zach Yonzon

A 7-minute YouTube clip pieces together sound files mined from the latest build of Patch 3.3 PTR. The sound files feature the Lich King delivering lines from Icecrown Citadel 5-man and raid dungeons, as well as the Shadowmourne quest line. These files are filled with spoilers, so readers who wish to keep everything a surprise should steer clear of continuing on. The video is embedded after the jump. Again, be warned that these files are full of spoilers!

Patch 3.3 is the last major patch of Wrath of the Lich King. With the new Icecrown Citadel 5-man dungeons and 10/25-man raid arriving soon, patch 3.3 will deal the final blow to Arthas.'s Guide to Patch 3.3 will keep you updated with all the latest patch news.

The following sound files come from the Halls of Reflection, Icecrown Citadel, and the Shadowmourne quest line. The video is tagged appropriately to describe where the sound files belong. Click on play only if you're ready for spoilers.

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