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Dialogue font in Clover PC no longer 'a hideous affront to humans with eyes'

Sometimes, all it takes to sully a good gaming experience is the implementation of an unattractive font. The merit of your game's well-written dialogue is lost when delivered in italicized, all-caps, 16-point Tahoma Impact -- a lesson recently learned by Binary Tweed, developer of the Xbox Live Indie Game darling Clover. Though the title was chock-full of charm, its dialogue was gruesome enough to sear the eyes right out of your head.

Fortunately, Tweed has learned its lesson, and plans on adding a touch of polish to the dialogue in the game's upcoming PC iteration, Clover: A Curious Tale. Not only will the script be fully voice acted, and the dialogue paired with animated character portraits, but the font used in the game has been significantly gussied up. According to the developer's blog, it's no longer "a hideous affront to humans with eyes." We're guessing that means your cats will still find it fairly repugnant.

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