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Samsung delivering botched firmware updates to HT-BD1250 owners, twice


Ever since the tail end of September, owners of the Samsung HT-BD1250 Blu-ray player + HTIB combo have apparently been afflicted by at least two firmware updates that promised new features but instead left many owners staring at only a display flashing "Load" and otherwise unresponsive hardware. If you've already picked up one of these, living without Blockbuster, YouTube and PC Media Streaming access is advisable, as the 2.07 and 2.12 updates appear to be the source of the problems, leaving owners waiting up to several weeks in some cases for repaired hardware to come back their way. Worse yet, according to come posters in the CNET Forums thread, customer service has been slow to pick up the tab for shipping, as if two straight problematic updates weren't bad enough. Ultimately, you may want to look past this one until things are straightened out, or at least for a unit with more (read: any) HDMI inputs.

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