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WoW Moviewatch: Pally DPS Song


It could be hard to imagine that our favorite four-button face-smashing Retribution Paladins were once less than superstars. However, the long-lived among us remember that in vanilla WoW, Paladins were largely buff dispensers in dresses, armed with a couple heals and the super-sexy Tier 2 Judgement set. In memory of the Paladins of that bygone era, Greyfoo has written the Pally DPS Song.

Greyfoo's song definitely has a handful of chuckle-worthy moments. I have to admit that it really drummed up some nostalgia for me. And while my Paladin sure isn't rocking the Arena ladder, I still have to acknowledge that he's doing about a billion times better than he was in the original game.

I found Greyfoo's animation suited just fine to his song. The music is fun and low-key, but satisfying. I hope Greyfoo had a good time creating this video, and that he comes back around to do more.

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