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Massive founder's new company making MMO quiz game


Massive Entertainment founder Martin Walfisz, who left the World in Conflict developer following its absorption into the Ubisphere, has given Joystiq details of his new company's first project -- something that is designed to be, yes, massive entertainment. His company, Planeto, announced a new "Massively Multiplayer Online Quiz Game" called Planeto Quiz, which is currently in closed beta.

Combining aspects of WoW with basic quiz games, Planeto Quiz allows players to level up an avatar and earn items through successful performance in quizzes. Items will affect probability of certain kinds of questions or affect awards for correct answers, and other status effects.

The free-to-play game is planned for the web, mobile platforms and game consoles, and will support not just its own accounts, but Facebook, MySpace, Google, and OpenID logins as well -- the idea seems to be making the game as accessible as possible.

"In our game there is no need to run around wielding a sword and killing orcs," Walfisz said. "World of Warcraft and similar games are great fun but mainly cater to a niche audience interested in fantasy role-playing. Planeto Quiz gives our players the same depth, but in a much more accessible and inclusive environment."

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