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Robomodo CEO hints at new software for RIDE peripheral

Robomodo CEO David Michicich hinted that more software for the Tony Hawk: RIDE skateboard controller could be on its way. When asked if the developer had other ideas for the peripheral's use outside of the skating genre in an interview with Develop, Michicich replied, "We're doing a game with Activision and we're not allowed to talk about it right now."

In June 2009, Robomodo president Joshua Tsui commented that the (probably going to be involved in its fair share of accidental injury lawsuits) peripheral could be used for a variety of software. "The obvious ones are snowboarding and surfing and such," he told Videogamer.

With a new entry into the Tony Hawk: RIDE franchise probably already in the planning stages, it appears the hardware will see new software to help lighten consumer guilt. Sure, our dream is for some kind of Lumberjack Simulator to be in development, but the controller will more than likely focus on something closer to snowboarding. If EA hasn't jumped on that train yet, former EA employees are more than welcome to try.

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