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Atlantica Online dev journal: Thanksgiving festivities

Shawn Schuster

It's time for this newest installment of NDoors Interactive's biweekly developer journal here at Massively. We've already covered the Stimulus Package event and the game's one-year anniversary, so now we turn to the upcoming Thanksgiving event. Here's what they had to say:

Thanksgiving time in Atlantica Online has never been so festive, as we are introducing two new in-game event items this year. Players will be introduced to an NPC who will offer them a special Thanksgiving quest. The rewards for fulfilling that quest are new additions to your formation, as well as a new clothing item for your avatar.

The first item is the Pilgrim's Hat. Just in time for Thanksgiving, players will be able to obtain this hat for a limited time. However, combine the temporary Pilgrim's Hat with 100X Atlas Ore, and receive a permanent version of the Pilgrim's Hat!

Turkeys will join your formations in the place of an Auto-Search Robot. That's right! Turkeys will aide you in collecting loot from downed monsters. These Turkey Auto-Search Licenses will be good for one day. However, extended versions of these licenses will be on sale for a low price in our Item Mall.

In addition to these items, we have the Native American Costume that has already been released earlier this month. Now with the Pilgrim hat and Turkey Auto-Search License added to the mix, it's really feeling like Thanksgiving in Atlantica.

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