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HDMI logos updated: version numbers out, supported features in


A response to cable sellers marking hardware v1.4 compliant before a test was even available or just another way for Monster Cable to ratchet up prices, we're not sure, but HDMI Licensing, LLC has reworked the packaging requirements for all new cables and products. Cable packaging must lose version numbers starting today, while HDMI-equipped components can only use version numbers in conjunction with listing specific features supported, and lose version numbers entirely starting January 1, 2012. The picture above features logos you'll find on certified hardware going forward, while we can appreciate being tied to supported features and not just version numbers that may or may not fully apply (*cough cough* remember the "HDMI 1.3" PS3Fat?) there's no way things get any less confusing when hooking up the new 4K or 3D capable HDTVs.

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