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CCP Games alters plans for EVE's capital ships in Dominion expansion

James Egan

The EVE Online developers have announced that some of their proposed changes to capital ships will not deploy with the Dominion expansion as originally planned. This may come as good news to some of EVE's supercarrier (formerly "mothership") pilots who've expressed no small amount of dissatisfaction at how their ships were slated to be changed. With the supercarrier changes not going through, this also means that the fighter bombers -- anti-capital ship drones intended to bathe EVE's largest ships in waves of torpedo explosions -- will not arrive on December 1 with Dominion.

Changes to other capital ship weapons systems like XL Turrets, however, are another matter entirely. They're discussed at length in a dev blog from CCP Nozh titled "Capital Ships in Dominion" as are the new Citadel Cruise Missile Launchers intended to be a long range weapon system.

Nozh also explains how the titan is evolving away from an area-of-effect beast to a ship class that condenses that destructive potential into a death ray of sorts, focused on a single target at a time. In addition, he discusses how titans will receive a 100% damage bonus to those aforementioned XL Turrets and Citadel Launchers along with a substantial boost to hit points.

As with any major changes to the game, particularly when capital ships are involved, the page count of comments on the dev blog keeps climbing.

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