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Firmware 3.10 lets PS3 users report errors directly to Sony


Sometimes we do crazy things -- in this case, it's something crazy for you, dear reader. You see, when PS3 Attitude reported users who had run into freezes or other bouts of unsatisfactory performance from their PS3 could report the issue to Sony thanks to firmware 3.10, directly through their console, we thought it was something we'd try to recreate on our own. After scratching our noggin for a few minutes, trying to come up with the best way to put our PS3 into danger, we figured a swift and hard power-down via the back toggle switch on the console would be the best bet to trigger this supposed new error report system. Lo and behold, we received the message you see above.

So that's new, right? After winning that battle in the war of trying to break our PS3, we then decided to pick up our console and shake it like some kind of crazed British nanny, but that did not get us the results we were looking for. As such, we contacted Sony and a spokesperson told us that, yes, firmware 3.10 does add a feature to the console where users can report issues following console freezes and the like. So, now you know!

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