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ModNation Racers races back into view with new trailer


Now that the big holiday games have already come out, it's time for you to start worrying about the deluge of games in early 2010. One of the games Sony hopes you'll use your post-Xmas trade credit towards is ModNation Racers. Although originally unveiled at E3, Sony has been incredibly quiet with the LittleBigPlanet-inspired racer. With its first public beta getting readied for release, it's time for Sony to pull the curtain.

Here's yet another trailer for the game, which provides an overview of all the major components of ModNation Racers. First you must create a character, then a car -- and if you're feeling creative enough, you can attempt to make your very own track. It looks sleek, but we'll definitely be reserving our judgment until we can get our hands on the beta.

Check out a fast-forwarded look at character creation, after the break.

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