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WRUP: Who wants to be a superhero edition


Has another week come and gone already? Oh how the days fly by -- sometimes literally, with super-speed. But it's all for the best, really, because the weekend is a time where we can game peacefully and undisturbed. (Well, at least sometimes, depending on the current state of spouses/children/friends/pets.) So, without any further delays, let's talk about what the Massively team has gotten into playing this weekend. And, if you'd rather just talk about yourself -- well, that's okay, too. Just drop a note in the comments and tell us (and your fellow readers) what you're playing this weekend.

  • Brendan Drain (@nyphur): I'll be finishing off the Deity quests in EverQuest 2 and going into writing-overdrive-mode on a few article ideas I've been working on. In EVE I plan to run a few sleeper sites with corpmates in wormhole space, which is something I've not had time to do for the past few weeks. I'm also following the player backlash in the wake of the latest EVE devblog and it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon.
  • Brooke Pilley (@Snafzg): I'll be playing dress up as I don fancy clothes, sculpt my hair into a copper dream, and powder my face to a pale sheen in preparation for Twili... Er, rather I'll be putting my new spiked beat stick to good use in Fallen Earth! I started in a melee town (Boneclaw) but now I want to check out some of the crafting towns to further explore that area of the game a bit more.
  • Eliot Lefebvre: I was convinced by both the game itself and Rubi's arguments to resubscribe to City of Heroes, so I'll be pushing myself onward and upward with that. Sunday is also the start of WoW's Thanksgiving event, which means I have a character that needs to start working toward the title there. And while I'm not going to be buying just yet, I'm going to start shopping around for a new gaming rig. Hooray for weekends!
  • James Egan (@jamesegan): If I can fit in a few hours of EVE this weekend, that would be great. Sort of related, I'm looking forward to Brendan's column on trading this week. I don't have Left 4 Dead 2 yet but some friends do, so probably there'll be a meet up at someone's place for more zombie killing. Is it just me or is it a bit harder than the original? It's a lot of fun though.
  • Kyle Horner (@kylehorner): I'll be spending some time with Champions Online, my new Kindle (does that count as playing something? It has buttons!) and *mysterious MMO beta I probably can't mention*. I'm especially looking forward to putting in time with *mysterious MMO beta I probably can't mention* so I can finally try out *redacted for my own safety* and get a feel for how the *feature whose association with said mysterious MMO beta would reveal its identity, thus putting my butt on the frier*.
  • Rubi Beyar (@Rubi_): I'm excited about a potentially busy gaming weekend. The Waiting Game finally updated Thursday night, and my guild mates and I have big plans to go kick Dhuum's butt. (It might be the other way around, but not for lack of trying.) I want to spend some time in LotRO too, but I just caved and bought Champions Online too. So once again, too many games competing for too little time!
  • Seraphina Brennan (@sera_brennan): If I have time at all this weekend for some gaming, it's most likely going to be Champions Online or Age of Conan. I just recently re-installed my OS (I'm a Windows 7 owner now, yay!) and I'm having the time of my life re-installig over 9 MMOs onto my machine. *cries* But, I have an early Thanksgiving dinner to run, and lots of writing to accomplish this weekend. I've got much more to do than play some video games, sadly. But, during real Thanksgiving next week, I can get my playtime in. :3
  • Tateru Nino (@taterunino): A full schedule of meetings (already started) in Second Life. Pretty much all business stuff. Also nursing sick family members. A little Champions Online when I can grab 15 or 20 minutes here and there.
  • Tracey John (@TraceyJohn): I'll be writing, trying out Tony Hawk RIDE and hopefully squeezing in some WoW and Torchlight time before I head to Florida for Thanksgiving break.
Now it's your turn, dearest readers. What do you find yourself playing this weekend?

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