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Devs to get Project Natal tips at Gamefest in Feb.


With Project Natal on schedule for a 2010 arrival, it's no surprise that Microsoft's annual Gamefest conference will offer programming tracks designed to get developers up to speed on how best to design for and implement the technology in their Xbox 360 games.

The tech summit, which runs from February 10 and 11 in Seattle will offer two types of Natal-themed sessions. The first, Project Natal Design, promises to help devs with "creating new ways to work, building showcase experiences, divining user intent, and designing gestures for UI versus game interactions." The second, Project Natal Technical, will "dive deep into gesture recognition, avatar retargeting, speech recognition, advanced raw stream processing, handling different player environments, and many other topics."

Avatar re-what? Advanced raw stream huh? $100 says Microsoft just hands attendees Minority Report on DVD.

[Via Gamasutra]

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