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Jinbo's MID does Windows XP on the tiny, shuns you and your physical keyboard

Tim Stevens

The netbook/smartbook/MID crossover continues, occasionally spawning some curious genetic misfits seemingly ill-suited for the world at large. Such is the Jinbo MID, a rather chunky and plain mobile internet device that follows in the footsteps of BenQ's S6 by packing Windows XP without a keyboard. It does at least offer slightly higher specs: a 1.1GHz Atom Z510 processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, and 16GB of storage. Data comes in via 802.11b/g and 3G wireless then goes out through that 5-inch screen of unknown resolution. It looks to be nearly an inch thick so it's surprising the company couldn't wedge a keyboard in there, as Viliv found room for one in their similar S5, but hopefully enough customizations and layers over XP will make everything work. And if it doesn't, well, the thing likely won't be available outside of China and, at 3950 yuan (about $580), it's debatable whether you'd want one if it were.

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