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Gameloft talks up Android support


Gameloft announced today it's planning on releasing games for the second generation of Android phones and reiterated its support for the current generation of devices using Google's mobile platform. The affirmation comes a mere weekend after the mega mobile publisher's finance director, Alexander de Rochefort, stated the company planned to "significantly cut" its development for Android devices.

Gameloft's statement today in no way negates Rochefort's words, as the latest release is just some yammering about the second generation devices allowing the development of high definition games, but the timing and its lack of substance is suspect. The executive previously noted Gameloft sold "400 times" as many games on iPhone as on the Android. Of course, if Google's platform develops a more significant install base, we're sure Gameloft will be happy to invest more and take everyone's money equally.

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