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James Cameron thinks he can get viewers asking to wear 3D glasses


The promotional hype train for Avatar is just getting started, one of the more recent stops was on 60 Minutes for an interview with director James Cameron. Of course one of the segments focused on was the film's potential to push 3D at home and in theaters, with Cameron dropping this interesting line on all the glasses-haters (video embedded after the break) "my goal has been, over the last few years to get people from a point of say "Do I have to wear the glasses?" to a point of saying "Do I get to wear the glasses?" because the glasses must then become associated the sense of a heightened experience, of a journey." Our trip took a turn towards believing in 3D after checking out the BCS National Championship game last year, we'll have to wait for the launch December 18 to see if this very Pocahontas / Dances with Wolves style sci fi tale is a similar turning point for others.

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