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    ReSubbed Episode 2: EverQuest


    It's that time of the week again! Time go to back in time with this week's episode of ReSubbed, and boy did we pick a good one for you! What's also 10 years old, helped to start the MMO genre, and has really annoying skeletons? If you guessed EverQuest (or if you read the title above) then you'd be 100% correct!

    This week Seraphina is joined by Krystalle Voecks and Kyle Horner as they re-visit the Gloomingdeep Mines and talk about the good 'ol days of trains, planes (of power), and auto-attacks. Plus, as the game has changed much over the years, the gang revisits what the game used to look like and how much it's improved today. Look 'Ma, I don't have to drop my sword on the ground to tell which way is north!

    You want some ReSubbed? It's right after the break, for your eyeball viewing pleasure.

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