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Amazon selling Samsung Moment for $100 less than Sprint

Chris Ziegler

Amazon is continuing its fabulous tradition of making carriers look like money-grubbing jerks this week with a solid deal on Samsung's Android-powered Moment for Sprint, which can now be yours for $79.99 on contract. That's versus a considerably more finance-destroying $179.99 figure if you were to walk into a brick-and-mortar Sprint store -- and even bests Best Buy's deal by $20. Considering that OLED display and the fact that the Sammy's core clips along at 10 times the megahertz of Amazon's price, $80 out-of-pocket sounds pretty reasonable. Unfortunately, Android 1.5 doesn't sound as reasonable these days -- so here's hoping that 2.0 trickles down to this sucker on the double.

[Thanks, Ron]

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