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Massively's Thanksgiving 2009 MMO wrapup

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

It's that time of year again -- Thanksgiving is tomorrow and all things turkey related have invaded the MMO world: hunting turkeys, eating turkeys, exchanging turkey parts for rewards, wielding turkey weapons, and even wearing turkeys on your head. Sending yourself into a tryptophan coma isn't the only thing to do, though. You'll find some non-turkey related PvP here and there, opportunities to spread Thanksgiving blessings, and even some new content. And of course, Thanksgiving bonuses, treats, and souvenirs are everywhere. Follow along after the jump for a look at what's going on for Thanksgiving.

Earth Eternal
Earth Eternal is celebrating the Harvest Festival from now until the 30th? The Harvest Master and Harvest Feast are located in Camelot, Bremen, or Heartwood, depending on your current level. The Harvest Master will send you to a chest full of food to take your pick when you visit him, then you can set out to hunt the fearsome Turkatrice. Turkatrice meat can be contributed to the feast in exchange for more Harvest Festival treats. Don't forget to pick up a Turkatrice Hat from the credit store as a souvenier before the event ends, and happy hunting!
IGG is hosting events in several of their games, definitely worth looking into if you're an existing player. Haven't taken the opportunity to check them out? This might be a good time to do so -- it's always nicer to start a new game when freebies are in the offing. Voyage Century players will be participating in Pass Love On, a chance to spread some Thanksgiving cheer to fellow players. The idea is to offer greetings, thanks and blessings to players that you meet in your travels through the game, and post screenshots on their forums. When you do, you have a chance at being "surprised by rare gold coins or karma". If you're a Myth War II fan, shapeshift into a Phoenix and enter the Thanksgiving Party zone, where you'll find many more Phoenixes to battle. If you defeat one, you'll receive gold, XP, and a gift chest. The gift chest can be opened with a master key, purchased at their Mall.
Dragonica Online
Dragonica Online will have harvest-themed events and helium filled turkeys until the 30th during their Thanksgiving Feast. Thanksgiving day will begin the Turkey Run event, offering your character a chance to work off some of those calories with a 30% experience buff during the 26th and 27th. The Thanskgiving Training event challenges players to eating and cooking contests, and Get That Bird is all about kill count. Either event will score you a cool cosmetic item: a Turkey Balloon. It's a cosmetic item to serve as a souvenier of the Thanksgiving Feast, so enjoy it!
Fusion Fall
FusionFall isn't missing out on the party either. A special ingredient is needed for a holiday feast, and Fusion Fall is calling on all level 4+ players to hunt it down. From now until December 2nd, you can report to Argost in the Cul-de-Sac and receive your mission orders. The missions will send you all over the place right from the start, and the official site warns you to be "ready for anything". Some very special holiday rewards are promised to make it well worth your time. Level 4+ Members should also be sure to pick up their free holo suit from several new vendors in different areas -- it's a brand new style this year. All players, regardless of level, can enjoy a tasty new hat for their characters by following the instructions on the event page.
EverQuest Fans have the chance to enter the November Loot Tournament in Legends of Norrath. Players can pay ten event passes and receive entry into the tournament as well as a Majestic Griffon promotional card, three Travelers booster packs, and either an EverQuest Vanishing Point or EverQuest II A Defective Lamp loot card, depending on system settings. The tournament is a chance to compete for additional prizes, and begins today. Check out the forum post for the rest of the details..
Combat Arms
Like your Thanksgiving events less on the cute side? Check out Combat Arms. They're celebrating with new content: there's a new map, "Road Kill," a new Specialist, "Hawk", and free integrated voice chat. That's all well and good, but it still wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the standard turkey-themed treats. Strap on your Turkey Backpack, disguise yourself with your Turkey Balaclava head gear, and attack your enemies with the Turkey Leg melee weapon. Okay, so maybe it's a little bit cute.
Dungeons and Dragons Online
It's worth mentioning too, that just as the Thanksgiving festivities begin wrapping up in MMOLand, Dungeons and Dragons Online will begin Festivult. Festivult is the "Festival of the Twelfth Moon", an annual holiday celebration in DDO. Beginning Monday the 30th, the mysterious Jester of the Festivult will arrive with his bag of gifts, and he's handing them out in exchange for festival coins. While the festival doesn't kick off until Monday, coins are dropping now. There are three types: copper, silver, and gold, and they have an equal chance at dropping in the free areas and in Adventure Pack areas. DDO fans, make sure you keep an eye out for these coins during your Thanksgiving vacation playtime.

Several other games are offering Thanksgiving treats as well. Last week we brought you Atlantica Online's dev journal, which talked about their Thanksgiving event, and Lineage Online will be giving their players a few treats as well. Champions Online is offering free playtime from Thursday until next Monday, Guild Wars monsters will be dropping the standard pumpkin pie and hard cider, World of Warcraft's Pilgrim's Bounty guide can be found at our sister site, and many other games will have extra loot here and there, so make a point to check out your favorites or potential favorites and see what's there. Feel free to leave a comment telling us about your favorite game's Thanksgiving event too!

Most of the events are continuing through the weekend, so this is a great time to explore some new games and make a visit to old favorites. Have a great holiday, enjoy your game time, and don't forget to eat too much!

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