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ViewSonic's N01 MID caught wearing a nasty UMPC disguise


Remember the day when those 7-inch Origami UMPCs blundered onto the scene with weak Intel processors overpowered by Microsoft's heavyweight OS? This ViewSonic N01 apparently isn't one of them, though we couldn't fault you for being deceived. Sure it's running XP but it's Intel's 1.1GHz Atom Z510 doing the processing chores beneath a display approximating 6 to 7 inches. Ok, ok, it is a UMPC, regardless of its new MID christening proving once again that any distinction Intel tries to sell has been lost forever as vendors try to distance themselves from a tainted UMPC legacy. But we digress. The N01 MID (prototype, by the looks of it) finds itself stuffed with 1GB of memory, just 10GB of on-board storage, 3G data, and integrated TV tuner with fancy telescoping antenna. We can only assume that ViewSonic's product diversification plans have it dumping the majority of its recently unveiled products into China and India because what they've show so far is not going to impress western tastes.

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