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Samsung hosting Bada reveal event next week, we'll be there

Chris Ziegler

Curious what exactly Bada is? Yeah, you're not the only one -- we're dying to get to the bottom of it ourselves -- so you can imagine our joy in finding out that Samsung will be pulling media together for a London event on December 8 to detail the new platform. Beyond knowing that we'll be "the first in the world to experience the next wave of mobile apps," we don't know exactly what we're going to see at this point -- so you'll be finding out as we do. Everything kicks off at 11:30AM London time, which works out to 6:30AM EST / 3:30AM PST, so if you're in the States, you'd better really want to know what's up if you're going to be awake and alert for it. We don't anticipate liveblogging the coverage, but stick around for visual stimulation shortly after the event wraps up.

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