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Greenberg: 360 sales more than double over Black Friday


According to Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, Xbox 360 sales saw a serious increase thanks to the post-Thanksgiving shopping madness known as Black Friday. While Greenberg doesn't disclose specific numbers, he notes in a recent tweet that Black Friday granted the Xbox 360 its "biggest sales week of the year," with Microsoft selling over twice as many units than the previous week. That certainly sounds like a lot, though the average weekly sales in October -- based on NPD figures -- were slightly above 60,000 units.

Assuming November's weekly average was similar, Microsoft certainly didn't come close to topping Sony's impressive Black Friday total of 440,000 PS3 consoles. And let's not forget Nintendo's Black Friday success: 550,000 Wii consoles and DS / DSi sales in excess of one million units. Rest assured we will break down the exact November numbers once the NPDs shake out later this month.

[Via Gamasutra]

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