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NCsoft reconsiders console MMOs

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The concept of console MMOs is not a new one, particularly to NCsoft. They've gone down this road before, and now it looks like they're giving it another shot. NCsoft PR team leader Jin-Won Yun spoke to Gamasutra at G*, and talked a bit about their plans. "After we finished Aion, we started thinking about what it would take to make an MMO come to consoles. We're testing that possibility. We're not in the development process yet, but we're in the thinking and planning stages."

Yun also stated that they are considering a multi-platform MMO, following in the steadily successful footsteps of Final Fantasy XI, but that it's only one path they are considering -- they're keeping their options open at this point. NCsoft doesn't have a strong console userbase in Korea, which can make it hard to study and analyze user patterns there during development, but also has the potential to be a wide open market for them.

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