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On the first night of Christmas, my true love game to me - free game apps

David Winograd

The folks at Blacksmithgames have come up with a really nifty idea. They've created an Advent calendar, or in their words, an appventcalendar. Each day from now until Christmas, a new door will open showing an iPhone game app that you can get for free, but only for one day.

Being December 1st, the first door just opened and what's behind it is 33rd Division [iTunes Link] a line-drawing stealth game where the goal is to escort your troops while avoiding enemy patrols. 33rd Division is for any iPhone or iPod touch running OS 2.2.1 or later. Tomorrow its price will go back to US $0.99 and another door will be opened.

Blacksmithgames promises a mix of well known and undiscovered games to keep things interesting. So go on over and pick yourself up a free game. Then keep checking back for new surprises.

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