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Rumor: Sun sets on 'Edge of Twilight'


Little-known "steampunk fantasy" game Edge of Twilight (hey, Tim Langdell, that's your cue) has apparently gone over the horizon and into oblivion. Kotaku cites sources at Australia-based Fuzzyeyes Studios (which may have shut down) that claim the game ceased development months ago. The title was supposed to release this year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The last we'd seen of Edge of Twilight was a Japanese trailer released in late 2008. When contacted today, publisher SouthPeak Games offered, "No comment." If the rumor is true, don't be too sad about missing out on Fuzzyeyes' God of War–inspired title. After all, the original Ghost of Sparta will star in a new installment early next year -- and there's always Dante's Inferno.

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