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WonderKing Online enters into the final phase of closed beta


It's time for a fiesta in WonderKing Online! "Yippie, arriba, arriba!" as our friend Speedy Gonzalez would say.

The fiesta is being thrown in celebration of the game entering into the fourth and final phase of closed beta, and players can take part in the celebration in a few pretty easy ways. Monday nights from here until the end of the phase are going to be double experience nights, which is absolutely perfect if you want to get to level 30 and qualify for a special gift that will be given to your character at launch.

If you feel more creative, WonderKing is also offering a few contests involving Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. YouTube users can create WonderKing videos to try to win a special ring, MySpace users can comment on screenshots posted each day to win a special beanie or earmuff item, and Facebook users can write a paragraph about snow to attempt to win a Santa's Gift Bag wearable item.

Or, lastly, you can always go the safe route and submit bugs, as there's even a contest for that! Five users each day who submit bugs will win three Gigantes' Blessing items from the GMs. So, WonderKing players, it's time to get cracking! Fiesta away!

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