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Modern Warfare 2 update 1.06 fixes Javelin glitch, infinite care packages, geography exploits


If amazingly fast and explosive men have been the bane of your existence in Modern Warfare 2 as of late, then know that Activision's go-to guy, Robert "fourzerotwo" Bowling, has got the hot scoops on a patch in the works to address the despised Javelin glitch. Version 1.06 of the game will not only do away with that awful bit of frustration, but will also address two other notable exploits in the multiplayer experience:

  • Fixes the Javelin glitch (thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster!)
  • Fixes unlimited care packages glitch
  • Fixes areas where players could exploit geography (e.g. hide inside rocks in Afghan)
Bowling says the patch is currently in the hands of Microsoft for certification on Xbox 360 and presumably in Sony's for PS3 certification. We've contacted Bowling for more info and will update the post when we hear back.

Source - 1.06 in Microsoft cert
Source - 1.06 patch notes

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